Angelina Jolie Designed a Pendant for Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie commissioned a diamond pedant engraved with a secret love message for Brad Pitt. According to The Daily Mail, Jolie based the design on Ancient Egyptian amulets that contained hidden messages.

Procop, the jeweler who made it, said, “The hidden message is lasered on. I can’t tell you what it says, and you would need a microscope to read it!”

What a fantastic waste of money. I hope in the future I’m rich enough to spend money on whatever I think is cool that day. That is to say, if you ever see me wearing diamond studded ass-less leather chaps, you’ll know I’ve made it.

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Platinum ToiletS
Platinum ToiletS
13 years ago

Ehh at least Jolie gives back & helps the less fortunate. Go engrave a pendant or buy an heirloom olive tree for brad, whatever makes them happy. Plus they are beautiful to look at compared to most fug current celebs!

13 years ago

It probably hangs off of his cock and says “I’ll cut this motherfucker off if you dump me.”