Ashley Green Celebrates Her Birthday With Joe Jonas

Ashley Greene celebrated her 24th birthday last night at Pure in Vegas in a tight, black dress and wearing a gold Chanel charm bracelet that Joe Jonas gave her. Joe originally mistook it for vintage Coach, so, according to my archaic stereotypes, expect the gay community to cane him for being unable to tell the difference between designer brands.

“The funny thing about it is when I got it, my boyfriend said it’s vintage Coach – and I was like ‘Thanks so much.’ And then I put it on and was like, ‘Oh my god, this is Chanel,’ ” Greene said, letting out a scream.

“It was very cute and sweet and adorable to me because my boyfriend gave it to me,” she said. “Coach, Chanel, [it] makes no difference to him … [But] I absolutely love it because he knows what I like.”

Translation: “Here, Ashley Greene, I forgot it was your birthday so I rushed to the store and picked up the first expensive thing I saw. It’s something with a “C”. Coach, maybe, I don’t know. Hey, look over there. Something else that starts with a “C”. Cake!”

Wait. Aren’t gays good at telling the difference between designer labels? Mind. Blown.
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13 years ago

“Aww s**t, Joe…I got my period. Can I borrow one of your tampons?”

The Blemish
13 years ago
Reply to  broham

“Sure let me just reach into my pur… Heeey!”

13 years ago

‘C’ also stands for coke. Anyway, Ashley has some big ol’ thick fingers..Just sayin’.