Christina Aguilera Messed Up The National Anthem

Christina Aguilera was invited to sing the national anthem to kick off Super Bowl XLV but after Sunday, she might not get a second invite.

Aguilera, who has sung the national anthem before during NBA games, messed up halfway through the song. Instead of singing, “O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming,” she sang, “what so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last [unintelligible].”

Attendees called it a disaster and a witness said everyone was looking at each other when she flubbed her lines. A source says Aguilera was “devastated” backstage and that she know she blew it. “It’s an honor to be asked and she let America and herself down. She doesn’t want anyone around her. Everyone telling her she was great but she knows the truth.”

What a drama queen this source is. They make it sound like Christina strangled a bald eagle and curb stomped the American flag. Does anyone even remember who sang the national anthem before last year’s Super Bowl?

Still, in Christina’s defense, it’s really hard for her to concentrate when she catches a glimpse of a Twinkie out the corner of her eye. There should have been a message on the jumbotron written in big, flashing letters that read, “HIDE YO’ SNACKS!”

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9 years ago

LOL dumb bitch.

9 years ago

It is not a big deal, tons of people have jacked up the anthem plenty of times.

9 years ago

Oh for crying out loud! So she messed up. You don’t think that others have messed up worse than her? Why don’t some of you try singing in front of all of those people, knowing that in the back of your mind that you have to make this come off perfect for everyone who sees. You might mess up too. Give the woman a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!'re all nuts.'re all nuts.
8 years ago

What kind of credible source is this?? And the dimwitted comments below trashing on singer(s) who would give their all and what to offer to sing such an admirable song? So frustrating–whether you like it or not–it’s the emotion that swept the people..Are the comments below or after this, human or what? Or are “American” comments just to fucking proud to admit their own mistakes?? Fuck derogatory language and praise mistakes–like you’re not used to hearing about abortions, drug use/cartels, wars…this is just another one of them…fuck blemishes and admit mistakes, admit a well done job

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