Dianna Agron Was Jealous

TMZ reports that Dianna Agron split from her I Am Number Four costar Alex Pettyfer over pictures he took with photographer Tyler Shields. The photos show him posing with guns and making out with two models, Lydia Hearst and Leven Rambin. The best part? The shoot was done months before they started dating. Sources say Dianna ended it when the photos were released a couple weeks ago.

This is proof that women are crazy. They get pissy over anything. If it’s not from photos of you kissing models before you started dating, then it’s from you trying to take pictures of their sister while they’re showering. Loosen up a little, baby.

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10 years ago

The facts are wrong. First of all, Alex was “paranoid that she was cheating on him” and “was a bit controlling”. Dianna was close with Sebastian Stan who she met few weeks before she and Alex dated. Alex is aware of their close relationship, so he “always take Dianna’s phone and check all her messages”. Dianna had enough so both of them decided to part ways. Then later he was banned(by his agent) from going to the Oscars because his people where afraid he would cause a scene with Dianna. 

Kristina Ann
11 years ago

I call bullshit! Dianna told Billy Bush that she googled Pettyfer before meeting him. Besides, this is what happened when he broke up with Emma Roberts. He made himself look like the victim.

Common Sense Speaking
Common Sense Speaking
11 years ago
Reply to  Kristina Ann

Well you can’t Google something that wasn’t released yet, now can you?

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