Justin Bieber, Like, Really Likes ‘Like’

Inside Justin Bieber lies the soul of a 15-year-old teenybopper. Justin made an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman last night and his interview was punctuated with the word “like” every 5 seconds. Popeater made a nice montage of Justin’s inability to speak without help from the filler word. Choice quotes include:

“Right now [I’m] just kind of like focusing like on my music a lot and stuff like that’s really like important to me.”

“Like most people would just think like they just put me together; some people just made me; and like I’m just like some factory like machine.”

“Like, like I like only drive like at home, because like when I’m in like, like places like this like New York and stuff–”

He should, like, learn to, like, stop using, like, the word “like” because, like, it gets kinda, like, annoying. Like, ya know? You almost, like, want to, like, beat him in the face, like, with a ball peen hammer.

Hey, you know what? When you say it like that, it doesn’t come off quite as angry.

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radical totally unlike
radical totally unlike
13 years ago

Every idiot age 14 to 30 in hollywood or media uses “like” as their filler word constantly, (bieber, paris hilton, the kardashians, kendra ex playmate, and every other air head) it is insane and exhibits a dumbed down youth.