JWoww Wants to Do Playboy Now

In November, Playboy and JWoww came to an agreement that would pay her $400,000 for posing fully nude in the magazine. Everything seemed like a done deal until she turned it down. Well guess who’s come crawling back?

JWoww, speaking to E! News, feels the Jersey Shore has “accomplished” all it’s can and sees it ending pretty soon. “I just feel like after Italy and going back to Jersey one more time we probably accomplished it all.”

Realizing the end is near, she’s keeping her options open. Namely, posing for Playboy as long as they keep it classy. Maybe by putting a top hat on each of her breasts.

She said she decided to put it off [the original Playboy offer] after an 8-year-old girl approached her at Starbucks. “She goes, ‘I look up to you. I want to be a graphic designer just like you,'” J-Woww explained. “She goes, ‘I want to make cartoon characters like you do.’ So I was like, There’s my answer! I want kids to look up to me for college rather than Playboy.

“But I do feel like it’s a strong thing for women to do. And as long as they cover up certain parts, I’m good,” she laughed. “We have to cover up the vajajay cooka. And then it’s like, Why not? You see my boobs out half the time anyway.”

If you’re the parent of this 8-year-old, I want you to kill yourself now. Your kid shouldn’t be looking up to anyone on the Jersey Shore. If anything, that show should be about what not to do.

Also, what’s with this covering up of certain parts. This isn’t the middle east. Don’t be shy, baby.

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10 years ago

Do it if your bad !

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