Prince William and Kate Middleton Make Their First Joint Appearance

Prince William and Kate Middleton made their first joint appearance since their engagement on Thursday to launch and dedicate a lifeboat. Exciting!

“This is their first official engagement as a couple and also the first engagement where Miss Middleton has been invited as a guest of honor.”

“They both wanted their first joint engagement to take place in Anglesey, a place of much meaning,” the palace rep added.

After brief remarks from her Prince, royal-to-be Middleton poured champagne over the “Hereford Endeavor.”

The duo — stealing smiles and glances at one another throughout — then greeted locals and dignitaries. “They are a lovely couple. He is a great lad and she is a beautiful girl,” townswoman Jean Critchley told the Associated Press.

This is the final nail in the coffin. The reality has sunk in. All you little girls dreaming of becoming a princess either have to find a new dream or stalk Olivia Wilde’s ex.

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