Evan Rachel Wood Has New Hair

Evan Rachel Wood showed up at the premiere of Mildred Pierce in New York City with “honey-blond” hair. Complimenting her new do, she wore a “plum, long-sleeved jersey Elie Saab gown and vintage-style earrings.” And from that point on I stopped reading Popeater’s description of her new look because I swear I started growing a vagina.

Skipping down a couple lines, I did catch this. Talking about Kate Winslet, her co-star in Mildred Pierce: “She coached me through my first nude scene,” Wood told E! News at Monday evening’s premiere. “I mean, she’s done it all. She was literally next to the camera going [thumbs-up].”

Sweet. Nude scene. Me man! Boobs! Grrr!

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