Jennifer Aniston Has a Viral Smart Water Ad

Jennifer Aniston’s new ad for Smart Water features that creepy lip-syncing kid, that creepy double rainbow guy, puppies, parrots, dancing CGI babies with a twist, nut shots and a slow-mo hair flipping scene. The concept is simple. Taking what makes videos viral, putting it in hers for Smart Water and then being transparent about it. It’s a hodgepodge of viralness.

If this doesn’t become popular on the viral YouTubes internets then I don’t know what will. Is what I imagine the head executive at Smart Water said. He then asked what their down line was and to ping him with the figures by EOD. Then he threw out a bunch of other buzzwords and looked completely satisfied with himself.

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9 years ago

I’ll only watch if by having it go viral she’ll get a virus.

Best KickBall
Best KickBall
9 years ago

Heh cute vid, Jenn Aniston is cool people, brad fucked that one up…plus she even threw a little sumthin to the tamakeri (ball kicking) fans! Yeah you know that one went out to brad.

Starlett Johabsonn
9 years ago

SmartWater is an actual water? I thought this was a spoof

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