Jose Canseco Is an Idiot

Did you know Jose Canseco has a twin brother named Ozzie? And did you know Canseco is retarded enough to use his twin to scam a boxing promoter out of money?

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel via ESPN, Jose Canseco agreed to fight in a celebrity boxing match for promoter Damon Feldman at the Hard Rock in Florida. Feldman says he paid Jose $5,000 up front and $5,000 to show. Jose never showed. Instead, Jose, trying to be clever, sent his twin Ozzie in his place. The only way people recognized it wasn’t Jose was by the different tattoos. Suffice to say, he was escorted out by security. Ozzie should have started shouting, “You got the wrong guy, man!”

“The guy I thought was Jose kept asking me to pay him in cash before [the fight],” Feldman said. “I told him I had to pay him by check for business reasons. He said he needed cash. We went back and forth.”

Ozzie, who has subbed in for Jose at autograph signings in the past, never fought in his brother’s place Saturday and received a police escort out of the nightclub.

Jose took his side of the fight to the Internet on Saturday, posting on Twitter, “Be very careful with Damon feldman who runs celebrity boxing he will not pay you if you fight for him.”

Apparently, not only does steroids make you a big, strong cheater but it also makes you dumb as a rock. Then again, there must be no truth to steroids shrinking your balls because Jose must have a lot of it to go on Twitter and accuse Damon Feldman of scamming him.

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13 years ago

This guy must be in the poor house. Scamming someone for 10g’s? Dawg, that ain’t right. You made millions of dollars and look at you now.

13 years ago

Cue the porno reel..really whats next?