Katy Perry’s Mom Disapproves of Her Breasts

Katy Perry’s mom Mary Perry Hudson is a preacher. A preacher who’s trying to capitalize on her daughter’s success by exploiting her. For God or something. Page Six obtained a book proposal from Mary and the entire thing consists of Mary shaking her head and wagging her finger at Katy.

Backstage at a concert, “Katy stepped out from behind the changing doors in a tiny risqué costume. No mother wants to see the top of her daughter’s boobs . . . My first instinct was to order her back behind those doors and demand she put something else on . . . However, I had no problem letting my eyebrows say what I wouldn’t allow my mouth to utter.”

The money wasn’t bad either, huh?

“I recognized the psalmist gift in her performance. Yet she sang out, ‘I kissed a girl, and I liked it,’ while thousands joined her. One part of my heart soared . . . the other part broke for the thousands of hungry souls being fed something that didn’t nourish their spirit, but fed their flesh.”

Mmm, sounds delicious and sexy. Deliciously sexy? Sexily delicious?

Mary compares her mother-daughter relationship to the conflicts between Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus, and Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie, “whose children have risen to fame and live contrary to their parents’ beliefs.”

She hasn’t even kissed a girl yet or flashed her vagina. Calm down.

Mary also frets, “Oh, dear God, how can I save her from all this? The money, the fame, the network, the people surrounding her, how can I compete?”

Katy’s mom sounds like such a downer. “How can I save my daughter from money, her loving husband, fame and a wonderful life?” Someone who cares about Katy actually asked that question? If you ever invited Katy’s mom to a party, the only things she’d bring would be oatmeal cookies and guilt.

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10 years ago

What…. The…….. Fuk??????????

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