Katy Perry Slams Anonymous Star

Katy Perry ranted to Rolling Stone that when she first came to LA, she met two of her favorite artists. One being Gwen Stefani who was gracious and wonderful and the other being a person Katy won’t name because she called her a c**t.

“It ruined my dreams of that person, the c**t, and I will always be a fan of the person who was gracious.”

And Perry admits the encounter made her realize how important it is to be pleasant and grateful when meeting fans – no matter how she feels. [StarPulse]

In the anonymous star’s defense, non-famous people are disgusting. They do their own hair and makeup, often times don’t wear designer anything and they always smell like despair.

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13 years ago

Alanis? She emulates her enough

The Blemish
13 years ago

My first guess was Madonna but I’d assume she has to be nice to everyone

Herman Bumfudle
13 years ago

i have fans too. butt, i just tell em to take their belt off and give it to me. and bend over cause their little ass is about to get burning hot. butt that’s just me!