Weston Cage Arrested for Demstic Violence For the Second Time

For the second time in a month Weston Cage has been arrested for domestic violence. This time not for getting his ass kicked by his girlfriend. No, this time he kicked his own ass. Police arrested Weston at 5 a.m. in Hollywood and took him to a hospital to be treated for cuts which cops believe were self-inflicted. Probably from eating it while trying to do yet another karate kick for paparazzi. Meanwhile, Nikki Williams, Weston’s wife, is “safe and away from him” says her mother.

This latest incident will most likely put a damper on his UFC aspirations. A few days ago when he was doing karate for paparazzi, Cage told a photog that he’s training to be a UFC fighter and that his dream fight would be against Kimbo Slice. Weston explained, “I just wanna prove to people I am not mentally ill … You can’t get accepted into the UFC if you are mentally unstable.” *Stares blankly, nods head*

First of all, Kimbo Slice hasn’t been with the UFC for a year. He was booted after being TKO’d by Matt Mitrione, who’s on his way to becoming a contender. Second of all, there are much better, easier ways of proving to people you’re not mentally ill. Like, I don’t know, undergoing a psyche evaluation. If the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks you to prove your sanity is, “I will prove it by requesting a fight in the UFC against a guy who doesn’t compete in MMA anymore,” then you might have already failed.

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