The Banned Nickelodeon Movie, Charlie Sheen Was Booed By Juggalos and Dennis Rodman Is Still Around

Here are videos from the weekend shamelessly culled from The Daily What.

First, we have Cry Baby Lane, the Nickelodeon horror movie that was so scary it was banned from being ever aired again on the network. Well, someone had a copy of it and put it on the internet. Enjoy.

Remember when Tila Tequila went to the Gathering of the Juggalos only to be pelted with rocks and feces? Charlie Sheen didn’t fare any better during his appearance. On the bright side, he caught most of the stuff people were throwing at him and none of them included feces. So at the very least, Charlie must feel a little better knowing he’s one rung above Tila on the Juggalo respect ladder.

Dennis Rodman was inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Presumably because people were wondering what he’d say during his speech. He surprisingly didn’t embarrass himself. Too much.

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