Anna Faris Slept With Five Guys Before Chris Pratt

Anna Faris married Chris Pratt in 2009 and, while promoting her new film What’s Your Number?, she revealed that she slept with a total of five guys before meeting him. Sadly, none of them were me.

“I’m at five,” the star said at a screening of “What’s Your Number?” “Don’t you think five is kind of low? I’m 34!” During a pre-screening interview Tuesday night with Marie Claire editor Joanna Coles, Faris added, “I’m not a very good lover. I’m so nervous about my sexuality.”

In the film, Faris plays an unlucky-in-love woman who frets she’ll never find Mr. Right after learning the average woman sleeps with 10.5 men before finding “the one,” and she’s bordering on 20.

“I think 20 is kind of low,” she told Coles. “Shouldn’t it be like 70?” Faris — who was recently hailed by Tad Friend in the New Yorker as the future of female comedy — also said that she doesn’t read reviews. Fox News

Hold on, I have to do some math. 5 x 2 + 3.5 divided by 0.5, take the divisor, find the square root, factor in the imaginary number… Mm hm. I’ve come to the conclusion that her real number is 63. That whore!

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