Avril Lavigne Jumped by 5 People

Avril Lavigne says 5 people jumped her last night and left her a bloody mess. Avril said, “My face is fucked.” Her boyfriend Brody Jenner was smashed in the head with a bottle and left bloody as well when he tried to jump in to break it up.

“I don’t fight. I don’t believe in it. To clear things up I got attacked by 5 people last night out of nowhere. Not cool. My face is f**ked.”

She added, “As in black eye, bloody nose, hair ripped out, scratches, bruises and cuts. So not ok to be abusive to others. Violence is NEVER the answer.” TMZ

Violence is never the answer but sometimes it’s the solution. I could see why someone would want to jump Avril Lavigne though. Remember back when she was with her ex spitting on photogs? Maybe she spat on the wrong person. That’s why I always do a background check before I debase someone. Make sure they don’t fight back. Granted, this could have been unprovoked too. Maybe they just wanted to say hi and got carried away.

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