Brett Ratner Resigns as Producer of the Oscars

Brett Ratner may have apologized for saying “rehearsal’s for f*gs” and Academy president Tom Sherak may have accepted his apology but it seems none of that was enough because Ratner has now resigned from producing the Oscar telecast.

The Academy had no comment on post-Ratner plans. Ratner’s Tuesday announcement was the result of industry pressure. Following three days of outrage about his use of a gay slur at a Friday Q&A for “Tower Heist” and his raunchy interview on “The Howard Stern Show” on Monday, Academy president Tom Sherak accepted his resignation by phone Tuesday morning.

In an open letter, Ratner said he “apologizes publicly and unreservedly.”

“I should have known this all along, but at least I know it now: words do matter,” Ratner said. “Having love in your heart doesn’t count for much if what comes out of your mouth is ugly and bigoted.”

The Academy issued a statement Tuesday that included a quote from Sherak, who did a 180-degree shift in tone from his let’s-move-on comments Monday.

“He did the right thing for the Academy and for himself,” Sherak said in the statement. “Words have meaning, and they have consequences. Brett is a good person, but his comments were unacceptable. We all hope this will be an opportunity to raise awareness about the harm that is caused by reckless and insensitive remarks, regardless of the intent.” Variety

The f*g thing was probably just a cover. The Oscars was getting too Asian. He liked it back when it was more white.

On a more serious note, really? Ratner obviously meant f*g as in stupid or lame. He wasn’t attempting to be derogatory. Sure, he should be smart enough to not use the word but it’s not like he was pointing at a gay man, making his wrist go limp and lisping, “Rehearthal’s for f*gth. He knowth what I’m talkin’ about.”

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12 years ago

Oscars would’ve been lame with him producing anyway.

12 years ago

His name is RAT-ner, ok! What’s not to understand???