Britney Spears’ Boyfriend Shopping for Engagement Rings

Rumor has it that Jason Trawick, Britney Spears’ new piece, is planning on proposing to her in the near future. He’s been spotted shopping for rings at several celebrity jewelers including Tiffany and Harry Winston looking for the perfect rock that would go around Britney’s pudgy little fingers.

An insider tells Radar, “Don’t expect anything too massive or obnoxious. This ring will be classy and under 4-carats.” Another source sort of confirms the plan saying Britney and Jason talk about marriage all the time. “Britney is truly in love with Jason, and well, Jason has loved her for a very, very long time.”

Ever since peeping through her window, amirite? Anyway, as long as Jason doesn’t try to start a rap career, this should be good for Britney. Though I wonder what guests are going to eat at the wedding. I bet it’s going to be catered by Starbucks and KFC. Britney will spare no expense. “Your finest original recipe drumsticks, monsieur!”

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12 years ago

Nothing like wearing an engagement ring purchased coutesy of your flabby gyrations
Well Done New Leech!