Sinead O’Connor Gets a Divorce

It seemed like it was only a couple weeks ago that Sinead O’Connor married in the back of a Cadillac in Vegas and proceeded to tell everyone that she couldn’t talk due to a case of c*ck in mouth, a very serious condition I might add. Though maybe that’s because it was a couple weeks ago.

Well, as you may have guessed, the marriage didn’t last. Granted, not a lot of Vegas weddings do and especially not a lot of ones where you say your “I Do’s” in the back of a pink Cadillac. I can pull up the statistics for you but I’m lazy. O’Connor wrote on her website last night,

Within 3 hours of the ceremony being over the marriage was kyboshed by the behaviour of certain people in my husband’s life. And also by a bit of a wild ride i took us on looking for a bit of a smoke of weed for me wedding night as I don’t drink. My husband was enormously wounded and very badly effected by that experience and also by the attitude of those close to him toward our marriage. It became apparent to me that if he were to stay with me he would be losing too much to bear. And that being with me was not going to serve him positively , career wise or any other wise. I saw his life leave him because of how people close to him reacted. And I can’t take anyone’s life. And a woman wants to be a joy to her husband. So.. U love someone? Set them free.

Wow, I can only imagine how terrifying the post-wedding weed hunt went. Did she jaunt over to a Vegas back alley, go up to a seedy looking dude and in a strained whisper say, “I’ll suck yo d*ck for an eigth!” Because that wouldn’t just put a husband off, that would put anyone off.

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10 years ago

In other news, the new Mission Impossible movie will soon be shown on his forehead.

The Blemish
10 years ago
Reply to  Gus

Hopefully it’ll run the Dark Knight prologue too

10 years ago

W T F Ireland has Greenery everywhere..

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