Halle Berry Is Engaged

Halle Berry went through an ugly separation with Gabriel Aubry where she called him a racist and he called her batsh*t crazy and had some emails to back it up. Well, looks like Olivier Martinez doesn’t read the tabloids because he proposed to Halle.

A rep for jewelry designer Gurhan tells PEOPLE that Olivier Martinez, Berry’s boyfriend of more than a year, has given her a diamond-and-emerald engagement ring.

The Oscar-winning actress, 45, costarred with Martinez, 46, a French actor, in the 2010 film Dark Tide. They soon became an item off-screen. PEOPLE

In 5 months, Olivier may find a shiv plunged deep in his liver over an argument about pancakes, but god, will the sex be great.

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9 years ago

Theyre both Grey downstairs KUDOS

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