Heather Locklear Checked Into Rehab

Heather Locklear secretly entered rehab after her split with Jack Wagner back in November. It didn’t quite work as the split eventually led to her getting physical with Jack Wagner, stealing his dog and mixing prescription medication and alcohol.

“Heather has been out of control for many years,” a source tells the new issue of Us Weekly (out now). “Her drinking has caused her to fall out of many friendships.

“She doesn’t get out of bed most days,” the source explains, adding that “Jack kept her on the straight and narrow, but he couldn’t keep Heather sober.”

Though Wagner, 52, “begged her to go to rehab,” it wasn’t until after their breakup that Locklear “entered a treatment program, which her family was able to keep quiet.”

Unfortunately, the former Melrose Place actress, 50, “didn’t take it seriously” and appeared visibly drunk at an L.A. Lakers game January 10. Us Weekly

Of course Heather Locklear didn’t take it seriously. How can anyone take anything seriously without a nightly Ambien/Vodka tonic? What is this? Rehab or a concentration camp?

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12 years ago

She only gets drunk in public or when driving
Let her alone.