Sinead O’Connor Back With Her Husband

Determined not to let a little drug buying spree get in the way, Sinead O’Connor and drug counselor Barry Herridge are back together. Or at least having copious amounts of sex. O’Connor uncomfortably tweeted the good news.

– Spent beautiful evening of love making with nine other than husband! Who turned up angelically we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend
-guess whohad a mad love making affair with her own husband last night?
– Yay!!! we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend again an stay married but we did rush so we gonna return to b friend g friend
– so sinead got laid!!!
– an all well.
– yay!!! me husband is a big hairy cave man an came to claim me with his club : ) and now im in cave-land.. yay!! we both go panto!

Anyone know what the hell she’s saying? Judging by this, I assume she scored that weed she was looking for. And lots of it.

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