Adele Does Not Have a Sex Tape

I know this news is going to leave you bitter and disappointed but the Adele sex tape that was rumored to be floating around? It doesn’t exist. Public Magazine, a French publication, claimed exclusif-ly that an Adele sex tape with her boyfriend was hitting the web today. A French paparazzi named Jean-Claude Elfassi said he was in possession of it and said her boyfriend was releasing it for revenge. They even had some “stills” to back up the story.

Sadly, or happily, this story was a lie. The girl in the stills is from an old porno (very NSFW link) and it’s definitely not Adele because no one threw 6 Grammys at her when she opened her mouth to scream “Oh, daddy.”

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da man
da man
12 years ago

I will volunteer to make the first one with her.  Where do I sign up?  I’m very oral, nimble and creative…references available upon request.

12 years ago

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