Adele has Crotch Rot

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Adele has been performing for almost a year now at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, so it’s not surprising she developed a case of the gym funk down there.

Adele is literally cooking in her Spanx under those spotlights, she explains, “rolling in the deep” end of her own sweaty stew.

I sweat a lot, and it doesn’t go anywhere, so I basically am just sitting in my own sweat, so my doctor [diagnosed] me [with] jock itch.

Adele did try to play down her condition by saying “jock itch, that sounds like I’m a big Nuggets fan, right? It sounds like I’m a big athlete!”

“I don’t know why the f**k I just told you that!” Adele later went on. We know why, oversharing. Adele’s one of those oversharers.

Her doctor gave her something to squirt on the condition, which I would never share with anyone. But, hey Adele gonna do Adele. If Rich Paul smells like cheese, now you know why.

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