Lindsay Lohan Is Desperate, Will Joke About Anything on SNL

Before when Lindsay Lohan still had a modicum of star power, she’d have rules about what people could talk about and what jokes she would do. Now that her career is on its last breath, she’s desperate and will now joke about anything when she hosts Saturday Night Live this week. She’s told SNL that nothing is off limits.

Sources say Lindsay wants people’s perception to change about her and show them that she’s “in on the joke.” So, if you’re wondering, yea, SNL will probably terrific this week what with all the timely references to Lindsay’s DUIs, stolen necklaces and jail time.

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10 years ago

I hope she plays a butch heir licker for money
whos mom and dad should have been sterilized
coupled with party crashing, free coke sniffing and wine & spirit addiction

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