Katy Perry Has a New Music Video

Katy Perry’s acting reel disguised as a music video for Part of Me debuted and it’s the usual girl meets guy, girl sees guy flirting with a co-worker, girl assumes guy is cheating, girl makes a scene, guy tries to explain, girl drives to a gas station, girl sees an ad for the Marines, girl chops off all her hair in an emotional rage in a gas station bathroom, girl tapes up breasts, girl joins the Marines. It’s a story as old as time.

Katy Perry is breaking down a lot of barriers with this video showing us women aren’t irrational or impulsive at all.

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Herman Bumfudle
10 years ago

wow! i’m sure this is how halle berry is feeling right about now. i don’t know what gabriel did to make halle feel like a complete idiot. but the fact that he doesn’t realize how screwed up it was. she’s saying she hates him for whatever he did, and he want the judge to make her love him.

10 years ago

girls can be emotional – BIG FUCKIN WHIOOP! Guys r too… its human nature at least she is HONEST!!!!!

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