Tulisa Contostavlos Admits Sex Tape Was Her

If you didn’t know, Tulisa Contostavlos is a former UK X Factor judge and on Monday, an alleged sex tape of her doing some sword swallowing on an unidentified man started circulating which prompted swift denials from Tulisa and her people.

Yesterday, Tulisa released a video finally admitting it was her in the video. She identified the man in the tape as her rapper ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards aka Ultra. Wait? Seriously? Ultra? What’s wrong with the rappers in the UK. Did they pick their aliases by watching American Gladiators?

Anyway, in her YouTube confessional, Tulisa says the video circulating online is of her and her ex having an “intimate moment.” If you haven’t seen the video (NSFW here), the intimate moment she’s talking about is her slapping her forehead with her ex’s penis.

Tulisa goes on that she’s heartbroken and “in bits.” Still, at least there’s a silver lining. Now people know who the hell she is.

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12 years ago

Another wannabe “celebrity” releasing a sex tape hoping to get famous….I’d do her. 

12 years ago

well, for me?it’s a part of business, but i vote for TULISA! I know she’s telling the truth! go go go, IDOL!