‘X Factor’ Wants Britney Spears for $10M

Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were both kicked off X Factor. Now it’s looking more and more like their positions will be filled by Britney Spears because they just gave her a $10 million offer. They’re hoping for her to go head to head with Christina Aguilera who heads The Voice and Jennifer Lopez on American Idol.

“Are we flattered there would be interest from Britney Spears? Yes,” he said during a conference call two weeks ago. During a radio interview with Billy Bush last week, Cowell went further. “I’m fascinated by Britney,” he said. “The fact that she’s one of the most talked about — not just pop stars but people — in the world today, means that you’ve got this star power. This girl has resilience. I would think that if she’s managed to sustain a family, a career, which is tough, (X Factor would be) a walk in the park. I would be fascinated to hear what she has to say. She’s still hot, she’s still having hit records and she’s still controversial. There’s a reason for that.” Deadline

THR delves deeper saying Britney’s fiance Jason Trawick is negotiating the contract and that Britney is undergoing extensive media training. That probably means they’re drilling into her head that she can’t let out loud farts when she’s mic’d up, giving her a list of pre-written phrases she’s allowed to say and limiting her to one Frappucino a day. If you put your ear to the door, you can hear Britney screaming, “This is bullsh*t!”

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12 years ago

Thats Pork Rind money..10 mill?
She deserves 20 for all the expected ugly cries