Experts Agree, Miley Cyrus Is an Idiot

To start this off on a positive note, Miley Cyrus tweeted a photo of herself in a bikini top. It was pretty exciting if you were a 10-year-old who’s yet to discover your mom’s Victoria’s Secret catalog.

Moving on, Miley recently suggested everyone go on a gluten free diet. Defending herself from people who called her anorexic, Miley wrote, “I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It’s not about weight it’s about health. Gluten is crapppp anyway!” She later tweeted, “everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing! U won’t go back!” Her genetics, team of dermatologists and stylists obviously have nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile, experts say what Miley is blabbing on about is not exactly true. They argue that a gluten free diet is only strongly recommended for people diagnosed with celiac disease, a condition whose sufferers have an immune response to gluten in the small intestine. Other than that, a gluten free diet is no different than a regular diet save for the added cost and annoyingly showing your friends how easily you’re tricked into jumping onto the latest fad.

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