Whitney Houston Was Doing Lots of Cocaine

According to a new report, Whitney Houston had a lot of spent blow around her when she died. Detectives found white powdery substances and a spoon with white residue in the hotel room.

Houston had cocaine throughout her system when she died, the report said, and a “spoon with a white crystal like substance in it, a rolled up piece of white paper from off the top of a counter along the east wall of the bathroom” were found. The report does not specifically identify the substances as cocaine, although the drug was found in toxicology tests in Houston’s heart and extremities. HuffPo

Of course, this comes as a surprise to no one. Remember how¬†initially¬†her cause of death was an accidental drowning? Pretty much everyone wondered, “Ok, but how much cocaine did she do beforehand?”

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Herman Bumfudle
9 years ago

and her drug dealer/brother wasn’t. wow! the twists and turns of family stilling money from family.

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