Britney Spears Officially Signed on for ‘X Factor’

After a month or so of rumors, Britney Spears has ironed out all the details with producers at X Factor to become the latest judge to join Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid.

Spears will receive $15 million for one season of sitting at a table telling people whether or not they suck. “The contract is signed,” reveals source close to the star. “There’s been a lot of back and forth over the past few weeks as they negotiated the small details, but she’s on. It’s all completed and Britney is beyond excited.”

What remains a mystery is who will listen to her advice considering the amount of auto-tuning and computer wizardry that goes into making one of her songs. The most valuable advice Britney could give is to practice lipsyncing to your backup track the night before.

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