Britney’s ‘X Factor’ Rider Is What You Expect

Britney Spears started filming for the next season of The X Factor today in Austin, Texas. While that’s all well and good, reports are more focused on her ridiculous rider. Her alleged demands include:

  • 34 Herve Leger dress
  • 12 Snickers bars
  • Six cases of Diet Coke to be replenished each week
  • 10 bags of Doritos
  • 12 vases of magnolia blossom
  • 10 pieces of chicken
  • 4 pints of potato salad
  • A beauty team including a personal manicurist, facialist and massage therapist

Her spokesperson, however, denies the rumor saying she never made any demands. “The story is totally untrue,” they say. I tend to believe the spokesperson. 10 pieces of chicken and 4 pints of potato salad? C’mon. Britney can eat way more than that.

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Organic Whole Food Fat Azz
Organic Whole Food Fat Azz
9 years ago

WOW, no wonder britney is so out of shape and flabby fat-tastic. She eats and drinks complete shi*.

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