Chris Brown Upset When Used by Girls

Sources say Chris Brown spent more than two hours at Haze at Aria last Saturday “charming a group of young women and buying multiple bottles of Champagne.” Though it seems they were just using him for his alcohol and curious about his fame because they soon moved on to the next table of guys to siphon drinks from. A witness said Chris wasn’t too happy about that.

“Brown got visibly upset when the girls moved on to the next table. Brown approached the guys in the group [at the next table] and started getting visibly agitated. Brown stood up, and looked like he was about to start a fight when club security stopped him.”

While Brown’s rep insisted the account was “not true,” our witness continued: “He got in the guy’s face and was cursing at him, and saying, ‘Are these girls with you or with me?’ The guy was stunned by it. Things were close to getting extremely ugly. Then Chris’ security and club security escorted him out.”

A Haze rep confirmed there was an incident involving Brown but declined to go into detail. The club rep said, “Haze has a zero tolerance policy for violence.” Page Six

Of course Chris’ security and club security stepped in. He was about to get his ass kicked. Punching a girl he outweighed a hundred times in the face seems to have given him a false sense of confidence in his fighting skills.

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12 years ago

So untrue! Leave Chris brown alone!!!! That whore got what she Deserved!!! And let’s be honest, that beat got her famous and she milked ( still is) the s**t out of it! so she should thanking him!!! Maybe if she wasn’t producted made, Industry puppet, Industry slut, fake, and fucks everything to get to where she is then People might feel sorry for her! There are millions of women getting beating her now! Go help them because she doesn’t need your help! He should have beat her some more cause she didn’t get beat that bad!

12 years ago

And had any TALENT!