James Marsden Knocked Up a Brazilian Model a Few Months After Divorce

Months after splitting with his wife of 11 years who he has 2 children with, James Marsden has already knocked up Brazilian model Rose Costa.

Costa had been dating actor Chris Santos for two years before she met Marsden. They lived together in LA before she moved to New York to pursue modeling. She met Marsden in the fall and the two started going out.

“Santos found out and flew to New York to win her back,” a source told us, adding the couple then reunited and moved back to LA. “They spent the holidays together and got a new apartment.”

But a few months later, Costa needed to renew her visa and flew back to Brazil with a two-day layover in Miami. Marsden was in Miami at the same time, and the two spent the night together.

We are told that when Costa came home, Santos confronted her about Marsden. “She confessed everything. She told him they hooked up one night, one time,” a source told us, adding they split and Costa immediately moved out. Another source insists she and Santos had gone their separate ways before she got together with Marsden.

A month later, Santos contacted Costa, who confessed she’s expecting Marsden’s baby. We’re told she’s now three months pregnant and is planning on keeping the child. Page Six

So not only did Costa sleep with Marsden while she was working things out with Santos but now she’s having Marsden’s baby. This chick moves fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me she poked holes in all of James’ condoms before they had sex.

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10 years ago

Yes now she does not need a new visa because she will have an American baby. Even creepier she looks a very similar type to James ex wife and her ex is the EXACT look of James Marsden. What an idiot he is to let her use him only months after getting a divorce. Bet he just wanted to fool around after 11 years of marriage not have a new relationship and baby.

barun chaudhary
barun chaudhary
10 years ago

what a shame ! i was his fan and had high regards for him as he was a family man but this has brought embarrassment. if you have to cheat your wife my friend, you don’t need to marry at all. You can stay single the whole life and bang as many women you want. but once you marry someone you need to take the responsibility. and your failure proves that its easy for men to break their families so easily.

9 years ago

I sincerely hope you realize this is a (false) tabloid rumor that some idiot decided would be fun to start up. This site is a gossip site, and one of the least credible. It’s funny to the extent that the things this site comes up with is utterly ridiculous.

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