Justin Bieber Got Touched on the Today Show

The title is missing a word. It should be “touched up” but I thought implying Justin Bieber was molested would get more pageviews. Did it work? In case it didn’t, here’s Justin Bieber before his performance on the¬†Today¬†show getting some last minute makeup done. For whatever reason he lifted up his shirt which showed off his little bird tattoo or is that a Texas longhorn tattoo or a really bad Twitter logo. I can’t tell. It’s like the tattoo artist just shrugged his shoulders and went, “Meh, good enough.”

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Herman Bumfudle
10 years ago

ok! bieber you doing that is kinda like you’re making fun of me, and i get, but i’m not going to change. i’m not angry about you joking about me, obviously you trust that i like you, you did some good things. that’s not what i do. let’s not go to deep here. k! i’m proud of you you kid.

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