You Can’t Punk Neil Patrick Harris

Mac Miller guest starred as the punker on the last episode of season 9 of Punk’d. His two targets were Wiz Khalifa and Neil Patrick Harris. Mac Miller had cops arrest Wiz for allegedly robbing a medical marijuana clinic. That didn’t go so well. I mean, a black guy getting arrested for weed? You’d probably need real cops and not actors for thatĀ becauseĀ it sounds like it’s happened enough to Wiz that he knows what’s supposed to happen. Wiz ended up calling them out on it.

The prank on Neil Patrick Harris didn’t go so well either. Miller put a bear in his car and then had the park ranger dance around like an idiot. NPH figured it out pretty quick and started cracking jokes. Then he started talking in bear. And then the bear ate him. No, just kidding. But that would have been a pretty good prank.

Watch it here because embedding is disabled.

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