George Stephanopoulos (if there was ever a reason to change your name for tv, it’s that) interviewed Dylan McDermott on Thursday’s Good Morning America and had the bright idea of asking about Dylan’s mom who was murdered 45 years ago. The case was reopened last year and police determined it was her boyfriend who killed her.

“You know there’s something that’s been in the news lately… I know you can’t say much about it, but your mom was murdered forty five years ago.. you were just 5-years-old.. and just recently, with your help the case was finally solved and reached a conclusion. Is there anything at all you can say about it? I’d imagine that its at least brought you some peace.”

McDermott — looking stonefaced and clearly taken aback by the question — replied: “Well George, you know I want to keep my personal life personal you know, and I’m here to talk about The Campaign you know. That happened a long time ago and I’d rather just keep it for myself.”

Stephanopoulos quickly replied: “And we’re going to respect that…” The ABC newsman then gracefully shifted the conversation back to McDermott’s movie.

The only way the interview could get more awkward is if George exhumed the body of Dylan’s mom, sat her in between them and asked Dylan if there was anything he would have liked to say to her before she died because now is his chance.

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Nice Toddler Suit DBag
Nice Toddler Suit DBag
11 years ago