Kanye West Giving People Skull Statues

Kanye West’s newest obsession revolves around giving people $34,000 golden skull statues as gifts. He gave one to Jay-Z for father’s day. A Lions & Sons’ Divora Skull in Yellow Gold with Red Topaz stones to be exact.

According to reports, Kanye “refused to send the gift via standard shipping, opting instead to fly it on a private jet, along with a courier who hand delivered the skull to Jay.” Hopefully the courier was sent with a video camera to record the bewildered look on Jay-Z’s face once he saw what he got.

Jay-Z wasn’t the only one to be given this gift. Kanye gave Kim Kardashian one too. This one studded with white gems and with the engraving “KKW” (Kim Kardashian West) on the back.

Knowing Kim’s style, she probably fell in love with it. “This is going right next to my prized collection of LV shoes,” she said somewhat sarcastically.

  • Leah

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