Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Hate Justin Bieber

While promoting their new movie Hit & Run, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard talked about their new neighbor, Justin Bieber, who won’t turn down his damn music.

Parenthood star Shepard said he originally had “Bieber fever” after seeing the singer’s documentary, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, directed by his friend Jon. M. Chu. And then Biebs moved in next door.

“The music and the parties and the paparazzi, I mean, it’s like living in Lebanon now,” the actor said.

“In his defense, I will say we don’t know the exact house the music is coming from,” Bell diplomatically said. “We just know since he moved in, the music has been blaring.”

You know what this calls for? A flaming bag of poop on Justin’s front door step. With any luck he’ll wigger out and start acting all hard with his high pitched voice. “Who did this? I’m gonna smoke dis fool.” The only wrinkle in the plan is he’ll be able to hear the giggling from two blocks away.

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