Chris Brown’s Friends Chased a Man Around a Parking Lot With a Taser

According to FameFlynet, Chris Brown’s friend started harassing an elderly lady working at Subway because she wanted to charge them extra for more meat. An elderly man tried to intervene so they started heckling him instead.

Another guy, the one in blue, stood up to them. They managed to get him outside where they taunted him with “racial slurs” before Chris pulled up in his Lamborghini. That’s when Chris’ bodyguard pulled out a stun gun and chased the man around the parking lot before the cops showed up.

So if I’m reading this right, it took about 3 of Chris’ friends and a stun gun to take on one guy. Turns out that much like Chris, his friends will only go one-on-one with someone as long as they’re a girl. Preferably one that’s looking the other way. Even better if they’re in a wheelchair. And blind.

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