Of Course Jaden Smith Has a Rap Video

14-year-old Jaden Smith, 1/4 of the most annoying family in the world, just released a rap video called “The Coolest.” Can you guess what it’s about? Ding ding ding. You got it. Teenage buttsex. No, just kidding. It’s about how he’s so cool and rich and all the girls love him for his fame and fortune. That’s true love, yo.

The video seems very early 90’s with Jaden just singing spoken word atop a beat. You can tell he’s hitting puberty too because of that wispy mustache coming in and the fact that he tries to act smooth with his only point of reference coming from what he’s seen on tv or old LL Cool J videos.

It’s no “Getting Jiggy With It” that’s for sure. Shoot. I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a compliment or insult.

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