Jaden Smith Is Dating His Own Gold Record

Last night was the MET Gala, where stars compete to see who can be the flashiest idiot. Jaden Smith is always a strong contender with his past dates including his sister and the dreadlocks he had cut off. This year Smith’s date was his gold record certification for his single “Icon.”

Next year I expect he’ll bring a giant Toblerone. Possibly a giant robot that will pretend to be interested when he tries and fails to sound as deep as Kanye West.

Smith’s stunt was a big hit on social media.

This is basically the best thing a celebrity has done since the time James Franco took that anime body pillow clubbing.

I’m not saying that Jaden Smith lives his life like he’s a parody of a celebrity on 30 Rock, but… yeah, that’s exactly how Jaden Smith lives his life.

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