Heidi Montag Will Be Performing at a Strip Club

What’s a washed up ex-reality tv show star who’s injected herself with more plastic than a model airplane factory to do now that her 15 minutes are up? If you guessed “make a guest appearance at a famous strip club for $25,000,” then you get nothing because the answer was obvious.

On October 19 in Vegas, Heidi will be appearing at the Crazy Horse III Gentleman’s Club. A gentleman’s club? Ooo, I feel fancy just saying it. Do I need a top hat to get in?

The only catch is she won’t be getting naked or even be stripping which defeats the whole purpose of a strip club in Vegas. Instead, she’ll be hosting their 3rd Year Anniversary Party. Sources say her personal douche Spencer will join her.

Fantastic. You mean to tell me I get to go to a strip club that probably charges a two drink minimum just to see Heidi Montag who won’t be getting naked? And Spencer will be there? I can’t wait!

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