That Time Jenny McCarthy Made Out With Playboy Playmates

Jenny McCarthy has a new book out so of course it’s time to try and grab some headlines. What better way than to write about the time she and a group of other Playmates took a bunch of hallucinogens and started making out with each other on a beach in Hawaii. This is the same girl who tells parents not to vaccinate their kids because they’re just shots of poison that leads to autism.

“Holding up drugs in front of a group of Playmates was like holding up an arm to a cannibal tribe. We jumped on the box fighting to get as many little white capsules as possible.

“Instead of saving some for later, we all pounded at least five at once. It was incredibly intense. So much so that we all began to express love for one another by making out with each other. I can only imagine the shock (one random man) had in seeing that he was the only man on the beach with fourteen really f**ked up Playmates who just happened to also be making out with each other.”

That man probably killed himself later that night knowing life was only downhill from there. On his gravestone was probably written, “Here lies John. He died happy. With a raging erection.”

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