Don’t Call Kristen Stewart Brave for Going Nude

Kristen Stewart goes topless and gives two guys a handy at the same time in her new movie On the Road. But she doesn’t want you to call her “brave” for doing it. She’s just an actor acting.

“I do hate also when people go, ‘Oh, wow, great performance. So brave,’ ” Stewart said. “Oh, because I’m naked? That’s very annoying. But at the same time, if that’s what they’re focusing on, then On the Road probably isn’t for them anyway.”

She is but a vessel for the Jack Kerouac novel this movie is based on. His words merely pass through her lips to tell his story. And if his story says to, “Show me your t*ts and give these two dudes a handjob,” then so be it. Her job is not to question but to give the best damn handjobs she can.

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