Amanda Bynes Wants to Get Down to 100 Pounds

Even though Amanda Bynes was busy wandering around tanning salons naked and being evicted from her apartment, Us Weekly managed to get in touch with her long enough to have her to do a list of 25 things we didn’t know about her. Oddly enough, Us Weekly thinks there are 25 things we want to know about Amanda Bynes.

The list is pretty boring as in her first concert was Spice Girls, she likes clothes, so much so she wants to start a fashion line and she knows how to play the piano. You can check out the list at Us so I’ll just comment on a few of the interesting ones.

7. My nickname is Chick. 

Just because someone shouts, “Hey, look at the chick over there crashing into the cop car,” doesn’t mean your nickname is Chick.

12. I would love to start recording an album.

And everyone would finally love to own an album of crazy.

15. I moved to New York City and I love it! I lost 4 lbs. since I moved. I’m 121 lbs — my goal is 100 lbs.

Amanda Bynes is 5’8”. I know a girl who’s 5’3” and 95 lbs. I don’t think this will work unless part of her diet is “stay at a concentration camp for a month.”

21. Alexander Wang makes the best T-shirts.

To clarify, this list is titled “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” not “24 Things You Don’t Know About Me and 1 Thing You Don’t Know About Alexander Wang.”

23. I always fall asleep during massages. I love them.

I bet she farts while she’s asleep too.

Considering Amanda is a sea of crazy, I’m surprised the only truly odd thing on this list is her unrealistic 100 lb weight goal. I’m not sure if she understands science, but the only way that’s happening is if she amputates her legs or reverse-ages into a 10-year-old.

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