Amanda Bynes Might be Losing Custody of the Baby She Hasn’t Given Birth To Yet

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I just want Amanda Bynes to be happy. I know I make fun of her a lot, but that’s just because it’s so easy and not because I don’t like her. I used to watch What I Like About You all the time before streaming came along and gave us the ability to watch good shows instead of just whatever was on TBS for three hours at a time.

I did feel bad when Bynes apparently broke up with her fiancée because she seems to really love the guy. It seemed like they only broke up because her parents wanted her to break up with him and wouldn’t let her get married because of her conservatorship.

Amazingly it retrospect, her parents were more worried about her getting pregnant than married because they could just end her marriage. So she’s pregnant, with TMZ reporting she’s around 6 weeks. The baby hasn’t even been born and she’s losing custody, though.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ … Amanda’s about 6 weeks pregnant and currently receiving treatment in a psychiatric facility. While it’s a good sign she’s getting treatment … we’re told the plan is for Amanda’s father and her BF, Paul Michael, to share custody of the baby.

They also reported that Amanda and Paul are back together, so good for them. Amanda has no idea her parents are planning to take her baby, though.

It’s probably a good idea not to smoke when you’re pregnant. Her lawyer told TMZ it’s too early to be discussing any of this when  asked for comment.

Amanda’s attorney, David Esquibias, tells TMZ, “I’m not confirming that Amanda is expecting and because of that it’s premature for anyone to speculate about who would have custody of Amanda’s unborn child.”

I really do hope everything here works out for Amanda, though. It’s the best way to keep from getting another TV show.

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