Miley Cyrus Smoked Weed on Instagram

The picture above of Miley Cyrus paying tribute to Bob Marley and smoking a blunt was posted to an Instagram account supposedly owned by Miley with the caption, “High as fvck #.”

Miley Cyrus, trying to keep her good girl image for whatever reason, has since gone on Twitter writing, “I don’t have an Instagram.”

Granted, she doesn’t deny the picture is of her but all that typing gets tedious when you’re high as fvck. She probably spent an hour sending out that tweet because she just sat there giggling and repeating over and over, “I’m going to tweet. Tweeeet. Tweeeeeet.”

Buzzfeed did some sleuthing and noted that the girl in the picture and Miley Cyrus both have the same tattoos on their finger. So case closed. Throw the book at her. She’s committed the mortal sin of smoking marijuana. Why won’t she think of the children?!

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9 years ago

Weed is legal in Californication. Bust her when she goes into a bar and buys a drink. Laws are so equitable. WTF?

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