Octomom Stripped on Valentine’s Day

Because injecting 8 babies into one’s uterus is not a marketable skill, Octomom has resorted to stripping to pay for her Brazilian blowouts and maybe her bills.

On Valentine’s Day in West Palm Beach Club T Lounge, Octomom had her second stint as a stripper. She danced to four songs while other dancers handed out small pink octopi to the crowd. has more photos of her dancing and it’s clear that she’s gained some weight in the past few months. If she didn’t have name recognition, she’d be dancing in the 2 pm time slot on a Wednesday.

Anyway, before you sigh, “So, it’s come to this,” know that she’s already done porn and been nominated for four AVN awards so it’s not as if this was uncharted territory. If anything, this might be a step up because at least she doesn’t have to shove things into her vagina. That I know of.

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10 years ago

Dayum. She an old ugly whale, she is.