The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Is Out

Sports Illustrated unveiled their 2013 Swimsuit Edition last night featuring, for the second time, Kate Upton on the cover. If you’re wondering about the photo shoot, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Kate says it was “the hardest shoot I’ve ever done.” Granted, she went on, “The best as well — Antarctica is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. But I’m from Florida, so it was pretty painful.” What a hero. Facing and then conquering such adversity as posing in a swimsuit in sub-zero temperatures. I salute you.

Editor MJ Day says the Antarctica shoot was three years in the making and that he knew Kate Upton was going to be the one he was taking.

“I knew that if I needed to bury someone in clothing, I needed her physique and curves to come through,” Day explains. “So to bring her was obvious: I knew I could put a one-piece on her and she wouldn’t look flat, she’d still look voluptuous and healthy and shapely and sexy.”

That’s just a roundabout way of saying, “She had the biggest t*ts.” While Day didn’t get to personally tell Kate she got the cover because it leaked 4 days beforehand, Kate was still ecstatic.

“It was an accomplishment just to get through the shoot,” she says. “I didn’t even think about the possibility of being the cover until after I thawed out a bit! But now it’s like, wow – I actually went down there and was able to accomplish that. I’m part of history, and it’s a great feeling.”

Kate will now be in the history books right along with Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, JFK and Elmo.

If you want to see all the photos of every model from the shoot, go to Sports Illustrated’s page right here. They do a much better job than I ever could of indexing all the pictures/models. If you just want to see Kate Upton in body paint, however, look below.

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